In the electronics sector, 100% of the products are checked to ensure their functioning, quality, and long-term reliability.


Our research and development division, ELANG ENGINEERING, offers design and manufacturing solutions for test systems, advising our clients on the best possible result and guaranteeing the optimization of and balance between investment in testing, processing time, and the scope of this.

In search of maximum automation.

Traceability management and recording of results.

Connected to the client.

Modular flexibility.

Optimum system combinations.


With incorporation into the early stages of electronics design and development projects, our experienced professionals visualize and propose two-way strategies to our clients based on which the product should be designed, with a view to testing (DFT) and developing the test required by the product.


Bed of nails in-circuit test

Simple and fast. Checking the quality of the product through the measurement of impedances, checking faults in components, short circuiting, etc.

Flying probe in-circuit test

The most flexible. Used when the card has no test points to gain access using a bed of nails.

Bed of nails functional test

Complex and complete. Global analysis of the card by sending it all types of analogical and digital signal and taking the subsequent measures to ensure its correct functioning.

Independent functional test systems

Modular. Inspection performed using equipment or exclusive columns that simulate the end functioning of the circuit or product.

XJTAG boundary scan test

System that tests the functionality of the card through the components themselves that make this up. Additionally, this system allows us to program any type of CPLD and memory after assembly of the card.

Burn-in testing

Extreme conditions. Union of test and climatic chambers with a temperature rate of up to 10ºC/minute and humidity control.

Insulation testing

Supplementary to the functional checking of mechanical equipment as a dielectric strength test.