We are an E2MS (Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Services) Company of reference in our sector due to our size, years of experience, and the top quality of our services. We provide our clients with complete solutions for every stage of their projects:

Our production division offers the perfect combination of experience, innovative technical equipment, and a hardworking team to offer supply management services, prototyping, mass production of electronic circuit boards and assembly of mechatronic equipment.

Our R+D and Test Engineering center ELANG ENGINEERING provides us with knowledge of advanced electronic engineering, offering software and hardware development services for new circuits, product optimization engineering and the design and production of test equipment.

SINCE 1976

Founded in 1976, FALCON ELECTRONICA started out as one of the first European companies dedicated to the assembly of printed circuits.


Since its creation, FALCON ELECTRONICA has been in constant evolution to come to be the company it is today. This transformation has taken place through the expansion of its facilities, the acquisition of new technology, the optimization of processes and work methods, and the maintaining of a large, highly qualified team that participates actively in achieving constant improvement.


The company currently has 160 employees distributed throughout a plant of 7,700m2 which houses all the necessary facilities to cater for the many service possibilities offered to clients.


Our growth is focused on the service to our clients.