With a surface area of 3,500m2 and an average of 50 operators, the Through Hole Technology manufacturing department is one of the company’s largest.

3 Selective Coating Machines

Distributed across two complete automatic lines for selective coating application with ultraviolet curing and temperature curing.

2 AOI Coating Equipment

Responsible for ensuring the quality of the coating process in each of the automatic lines, they inspect the protected and free areas to verify the correct application of the product.

2 AOI THT Machines

2D Optical Test used to inspect and ensure the quality of through-hole component assembly before wave soldering.

Manual Finishes Department

The card finishes department is duly equipped with tools to perform any mounting that cannot be carried out by the assembly lines due to its complexity or volume.

Depaneling Machines

2 disk depaneling machines for PCBs with scoring and 1 automatic PCB depaneling machine using machine cutting.

Press Fit Component Machine

1 semi-automatic machine with pressure control for the insertion and fixing of Press Fit components.