The collaboration relationship between FALCON ELECTRONICA and the client goes beyond the delivery of the finished product.

As a partner in the most demanding sectors with equipment with a life cycle of over 20 years and where precision and robustness are required, there is a strong need for the reliability and long-term maintenance of the products.

Various departments of the company maintain constant monitoring of the product, providing solutions and perfecting this throughout its life cycle.

Our strong position in the electronics component market gives us the edge in the analysis of raw materials, recommending the replacement of components sooner and at a lower cost and foreseeing, planning, and anticipating obsolescence or global supply problems.

At the same time, our technological vigilance leads to operating and alternative design proposals that are presented to the client, keeping the product up-to-date and optimized.

For clients that require an after-sales service, FALCON ELECTRONICA offers card and equipment reconditioning solutions which involve the updating, modification, or repair of the products.