At FALCON ELECTRONICA, we manage the complete supply chain for all the raw electronic and mechanical materials needed in the production of our clients’ products.

Our high purchase volume of components and renowned experience in the sector allow us to get ahead, anticipating opportunities and solutions which we transmit to our clients. We have in-depth knowledge of the past and future challenges of the electronics component market which makes us the ideal Partner.

With access to a network of over 400 suppliers of different types based all over the world with which our Purchases Department works closely, we offer our clients a huge range of services such as the optimization of their acquisitions, speeding up Time to Market, advice and collaboration in the selection of components, searching for alternatives and obsolescence forecasting.


By analyzing the context of each of our clients and studying the main factors such as the delivery time of each raw material, MOQs, production batches, ABC classification and supplier service levels, we carry out component and stock supply engineering.

We offer each of our clients a personalized logistics strategy, seeking a balance between the maximum level of service and minimum overall cost.


As in the rest of the company, the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the supply chain makes us more efficient in our offer, purchase and planning processes.

Using various interconnected applications, the Supply and Logistics department manages over 30,000 different references with a volume of 155 million components every year, performing intensive control of supplier quality and service in real time.

And on top of this…

Our electronics material warehouses are equipped with humidity control for sensitive materials in accordance with regulation J-STD-033 and static electricity control in accordance with standard EN-61340.

Traceability in terms of components is integrated into the logistics and production process, assuring the client control and complete traceability from the raw material to the end product.

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