Forming part of the quality control department, the professionals that make up the company’s Testing Section accurately ensure the 100% correct functioning of our products.

The inspections and test methods are carried out in accordance with the specifications defined by our Test Engineering division, clients, and the applicable national and international standards.

The results of the tests, tolerances, values and traceability of the units are sent to many of our clients automatically.

These final check machines are in addition to those mentioned in the SMT Section as intermediate process tests (X-Ray, 2D and 3D AOI Systems, SPI, and Flying Probe).

In-Circuit Verification

One of the verification possibilities is that offered by the three automatic in-circuit system bed of nails machines which are used to check the quality of our products through the measurement of impedance, checking for the failure of components, short circuiting, etc.

Bed of nails functional verification

Three machines capable of performing an analysis of the card by sending it all types of analogical and digital signals and taking the subsequent measures to ensure its correct functioning.

Independent functional test systems

Another type of inspection is that performed by independent function test systems designed and manufactured by FALCON ELECTRONICA to the extent that these simulate the end functioning of the circuit board or product.

JTAG boundary scan test

System that tests the functionality of the card through the components themselves that make this up. This eliminates or substantially reduces the need for physical test points on the card. Additionally, this system allows us to program any type of CPLD and memory after assembly of the card.

Climatic chambers

Using two climatic chambers with a temperature rate of up to 10ºC/minute and humidity control, burn-in tests are performed in extreme temperature and humidity conditions (from -0.75ºC to +180ºC), thus checking the robustness and correct functioning. Used both for the checking of prototypes and mass-produced products.

Insulation testing

In addition to the functional checking of mechanical equipment, there is a module for dielectric strength testing.